Delia overhears a conversation in The Red Goodnight
Freddy contemplates at the beach in The Red Goodnight
Z gets instructions in The Red Goodnight
Jill wants to leave in The Red Goodnight

WINNER, BEST NOIR FEATURE: Genre Celebration Festival, Tokyo, Japan 2019. OFFICIAL SELECTION: NewFilmmakers New York 2019, L.A. Neo Noir Novel, Script, & Film Festival 2019, Montana International Film Festival 2018.


The Red Goodnight is a neo-noir fever dream about the corruptive nature of ambition, entering the mind of a man who makes a seemingly simple but fateful choice with devastating consequences. Freddy (Nick Zibro), an amateur boxer, makes an impulsive bargain with Johnny Angel, a powerful impresario (Joseph C. Reyes), as he tries to gain favor with him. After a horrendous fateful mistake, darkness closes in as Freddy becomes trapped in a labyrinth of his own making. Desperate to hide his actions from his kind-hearted neighbor Jill (Ana Ribeiro) as well as his doting mother (Nancy Walsh), Freddy must face what he has done. But can he escape or ever atone for his sins?


Merging influences from classic film noir and mid-20th century European modernist cinema, the film is a boldly unique black-and-white visual feast and cinematic puzzle that leaves a lasting impression.

Running time 83 min., black and white. Written and directed by John C. Koch.

Freddy calls his mother in The Red Goodnight

"Let’s just say there’s a mountain, and I ain’t seen all of the mountain but I know it’s big, and I know there’s parts of it that I don’t want to know about. But when he needs me, I come through and I don’t ask questions."


— Z, from The Red Goodnight

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