Delia overhears a conversation in The Red Goodnight
Freddy contemplates at the beach in The Red Goodnight
Z gets instructions in The Red Goodnight
Jill wants to leave in The Red Goodnight

Freddy (Nick Zibro), is an aspiring boxer trying to make it in the big city. He is drawn into the circle of entertainment impresario Juan Angel Solarte a.k.a. Johnny Angel (Joseph C. Reyes), whose associate Z teaches him that success cannot be won without compromise. However, Delia (Mitzi Peirone), Johnny's girlfriend, also has her own agenda for Freddy. Everyone wants a piece of him for their own advantage, and Freddy's good-natured passivity and eagerness to please prove to be tragically incompatible with life in the big city.  Drawn into a world of seduction and violence, Freddy soon finds his mind unraveling and his life out of control.


After inadvertently committing a horrendous act, Freddy must face the guilt from what he has done, and is desperate to hide his actions from his lovely and kind neighbor Jill (Ana Ribeiro). But those whom he once trusted have become dangerous adversaries in the blink of an eye. With nowhere left to turn, the forces of darkness are closing in and Freddy must find the way out of this labyrinth of his own making.


Running time est. 80 min., black and white. Written and directed by John C. Koch. Visit the film's website here.

Freddy calls his mother in The Red Goodnight

"Let’s just say there’s a mountain, and I ain’t seen all of the mountain but I know it’s big, and I know there’s parts of it that I don’t want to know about. But when he needs me, I come through and I don’t ask questions."


— Z, from The Red Goodnight

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